Make meaningful connections with colleagues by volunteering

We all appreciate what a powerful force volunteers can be. Without them, many of the organizations we serve as fundraisers could not do the amazing work they do every day. The same is true for AFP Advancement Northwest – a volunteer-led organization that offers trainings, conferences, mentoring, career support and more to thousands of people representing more than six of every 10 nonprofits across Washington state.

Serve on one of the following committees:

  • Education and Professional Development: Gather information from members about desired trainings and speakers and help plan our annual calendar of workshops, seminars, and more.
    Thank you to the current committee members led by Troy Coalman: Adria Alhadeff, Alison Brand, Lisa Bury, CFRE, Sara Chiabai, Jill Clark, Sam Gearhart, Colleen Martinson, Barbara Maudell, CFRE, Iris Maute-Gibson, Sarah Michael, Rachel Myers, Andi Price, Madeline Read, Tamara Tregoning, and Brad Tuininga.
  • Membership: Support the ongoing work we do to make sure we’re meeting current members’ needs and recruit new members.
    Thank you to the current committee members led by Jason Dick: Carol Borgmann, CFRE, Colleen Bromen, Theresa Chu, Shamra Clark, Dan Provonost, Stacy Segal, Helen Sernett, CFRE, and Christy Wolyniak.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access: Help us continue our work to make sure that AFP Advancement Northwest upholds the highest standards of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access.
    Thank you to the current committee members led by Bryan Baker and Tammy Do: Sarah Anderson, Chris Burkett, Christina Change, Erika Chen, Laura Cohen, Alicia Crank, Kari Dasher, Jan Harrison, Asa Irwin, B. Michelle Johnson, Katelen Kellogg, Matt Lider, Ari Rosen, Alina Santillan, and Javier Womeldorff.
  • Philanthropy: Looking for a committee where you can practice fundraising techniques? This is the place for you! Volunteers in the philanthropy committee solicit gifts from individuals as well as companies to support the programs offered through Advancement Northwest.
    Thank you to the current committee members led by Jen Lee: Kate Banta-Green, CFRE, Jan Jacobs, CFRE, Anne Marie MacPherson, CFRE, Karen Mudd, Damian Peterson, Shannon Sherman, Daniel Webb, Jenny Whelan, and Jeffrey Wilcox, CFRE.
  • External Relations: Do you like writing? Or interviewing? Or data? Then join the committee that creates and distributes communication and marketing materials to internal and external Advancement Northwest audiences.
    Thank you to the current committee members led by April Johnson: Lisa Bury, CFRE, Christie Cotterill, CFRE, Kari Dasher, Nate Greenland, B. Michelle Johnson, Kirk Laughlin, Kris McRae, Eli Spangler, Quita Terrell, and Demesha Young.
  • National Philanthropy Day: Play a role in planning and producing our National Philanthropy Day luncheon – one of the largest events of its kind in the country.
    Thank you to the current committee members led by Andrea John-Smith, Amy Stone, and Thaddeus Teo: Emily Bader, Cole Hardman, Audri Hubbard, Sharon Hurt, Angela Neubauer, Melissa Opland, Carina Raddatz, Christina Rocks, and Lillian Sherman.
  • Forum on Strategic Fundraising: Help execute the two-day regional conference with on-site event support. Interested in more in-depth conference planning? We will need a strong volunteer force for the 2018 Forum, please contact us to get your name on the list, we will reach out after completing this year’s event.
    Thank you to the current committee members led by Andrea John-Smith, Libby Singer, and B. Michelle Johnson: Lisa Bury, CFRE, Hong Chhuor, Jeanne Galloway, Catherine Merlo, Madeline Mulloy, Shannon Sherman, Erin Tierney, and Rob Wiseman, CFRE.

Let us know how you want to get involved! Email the office