We’re here to support your career and leadership growth! 

Advancement Northwest awards member scholarships each year to build a thriving community of leaders who fundraise and fundraisers who lead. Applications for 2022 scholarships will be accepted through November 15, 2021.

We focus on resourcing communities that are historically marginalized and underrepresented in the field of fundraising. This includes people of color; members of the LBGTQ+ community, with a focus on transgender and gender diverse people; religious minorities; people living with disabilities; and fundraisers for small shops and rural organizations.

Our 2022 scholars are Aisha Al-Amin, Karina Arroyo, Troy Carr, Erika Chen, Saulyman Corr, Linn Wu Engel, Andrea Garcia Brown, Scott Jackson, Andrew Kambwiri, Mercedes Luna, Maddy MacKenzie, Mahrukh Motafram, Jessyca Murphy, Mackenzie Murphy, and Elizabeth Page.

Thank you to our Advancement NW members and volunteers. Your commitment and volunteer efforts help fund these scholarships. Thanks also to AFP Global, which also contributes to our scholarship awards.

No matter where you are in your fundraising career, we encourage you to apply during the next scholarship round. It will be an opportunity to engage in the sector and work with colleagues to foster your own leadership ability as well as that of your peers.

Key benefits of our scholarship program include: 

  1. One-year introductory membership to AFP Advancement Northwest.
  2. Option to be paired with a fundraiser mentor for one year.
  3. Admission to the Annual Conference (typically two days in June).
  4. Admission to National Philanthropy Day (typically in November).
  5. Opportunity to apply for the Washington State Chamberlain Scholarship, which allows one scholar per year to attend next year’s AFP Global Fundraising Conference at little or no cost.
  6. Opportunity to attend four monthly education programs which can include either Coffee & Conversations or regularly scheduled professional development offerings.

*Excludes Fundamentals of Fundraising and programs offered by AFP International. 


Other benefits include:

  1. Access to an extensive network of professional fundraisers and nonprofit leaders, dedicated to the improvement of our sector and community.
  2. Access to a cohort of peers and an alumni network of past scholarship recipients.


Your commitment to The Scholars: 

  1. A scholarship commitment contribution of $25. Payment is due upon notification of the scholarship and can be paid individually or by a sponsoring organization.
  2. Opportunity to serve as a volunteer on an AFP Advancement Northwest committee of your choice for the duration of your scholarship.