Lunch & Learn: Make it Rain for You! Salary Negotiation Tactics


You’re making it rain for your nonprofit–smashing fundraising goals left and right, but your salary is stunted. How do you climb the next rung in the career ladder and secure a raise? And, how do you ask for a higher salary with confidence? In this webinar, you’ll learn concrete strategies for salary negotiation and career growth to bring home tens of thousands of dollars more in your annual salary. Let’s make it rain for YOU!

Shannon Bowen is a nonprofit leader, fundraiser, leadership coach, management trainer, and salary expert. She helps nonprofits leaders do the right thing + get paid more! Currently, She is the Chief Advancement Officer for a Seattle nonprofit and is the CEO of Monsoon Leadership, which trains the next generation of development leaders. When not helping people earn more money, Shannon serves on the board of AFP Advancement Northwest, teaches ballroom dance lessons, DIY designs her house (have you seen her Zoom background??), tends to her 50+ houseplants, cooks gourmet meals, and plans her next foodie vacay.


Where: Zoom Webinar (link provided when you rsvp)

When: Monday, December 4, 2023 from 12:00 – 1:00 PM

Registration: Free for members and non-members. AFP South Sound members welcome!