AFP Advancement Northwest 2021 Annual Conference


Request For Proposals



Thank you for your interest in presenting at the 2021 Annual Conference on May 14 and 21, 2021. 


Please review the following information before submitting your proposal.

All proposals submitted before February 28, 2021 will be considered.

Finalists will be notified within two business weeks and the full conference schedule will be published no later than March 15


About AFP Advancement Northwest and the Conference

AFP Advancement Northwest is one of the largest Association of Fundraising Professionals chapters. Our members breathe life into our vision for communities to be models of philanthropic impact. Advancement Northwest opens doors to innovative opportunities that advance the skills of development professionals and elevate our profession.

The Annual Conference (formerly the Forum on Strategic Fundraising) is a core way we deliver on our mission to build leaders who fundraise to transform communities locally and across the world. This two-day conference is the Pacific Northwest’s most intensive and comprehensive training event for nonprofit fundraisers.

In 2020, we transitioned to the online platform Remo due to the coronavirus pandemic. We will continue with an online program in 2021 and are returning to a two-day format, split across two consecutive weeks. 


Conference Curriculum

Past attendees have identified that the Conference audience is most helpful to mid-career professionals with three to seven years of experience in the sector. That being said, the Conference is programmed with a generalist approach. We strive to have sessions that speak to early, mid, and executive career professionals across development teams of all sizes and scopes. Advancement Northwest through the Conference programming aims to empower the leader within each individual.

The 2021 Conference will take place on May 14 and 21 live on Remo. The schedule will include a keynote with Edgar Villanueva, founder of the Decolonizing Wealth project, as well as morning and afternoon sessions and other storytelling elements.

We are looking for dynamic presentations that address one or more of the four areas of our Advancement Northwest Strategic Plan . This includes:



Structures and Systems 

Examples of sessions include:

  • Taking Your Development Plan to the Next Level 
  • Making the Most of Your Gift Acknowledgement Practice 
  • Board Partnerships for Transformational Giving 



Skills for Fundraisers who Manage People and/or Strategy

Examples of sessions include:

  • Sexual Harassment Within the Fundraising Sector 
  • Recruiting Diverse Board Members – Who Fundraise!
  • Integrating Racial Equity into Your Budgeting Practice



Identity and Personal Discovery – Within the Self and Community 

Examples of sessions include:

  • Generational Wealth – X, Y, Z and Me!
  • Fundraising During an Election Year 
  • Intersectional Feminism within the Nonprofit Sector 



Best Practices Throughout Disciplines, Sectors, and Career Levels

Examples of sessions include:

  • Prospecting Major Donors of Color 
  • Cause Marketing within the Seattle Corporate Community 
  • Transitioning Mid-Level Donor Relationships Through The Pipeline


Evaluation Criteria 



As we’ve all moved our lives online, we recognize that there are good and not-so-good ways to host online events. We are committed to providing as interactive and engaging a conference as possible. We are looking for sessions that are designed for virtual learning and are thoughtful in how they attempt to bridge a digital divide to engage participants. We were pleased with engagement on Remo last year and will use that online platform again in 2021.



We encourage speakers from all over the country to apply to participate in the Annual Conference. However, because we are first and foremost a Puget Sound chapter of AFP, we would like to be upfront about having at a minimum 60 percent of our speakers identify as members of the Western Washington community — from Bellingham to South Sound. We are also actively interested in recruiting speakers from Alaska, Idaho, and Oregon. 


Community Centric Fundraising: 

Advancement Northwest is committed to adopting the principles of, advancing, and participating in the Community Centric Fundraising Movement. As such, this year we will be looking at all proposals through this lens, and ask that applicants articulate how their content is reflective of a fundraising practice that contributes to a more equitable sector. 



Advancement Northwest strives to reflect the community of Western Washington and elevate the voices of fundraisers of color. In 2021, our selection committee will not move forward with any session that fails to include BIPOC voices and expertise. If you are a solo white professional with a great idea, we encourage you to reach out to a BIPOC colleague with whom to partner.



This year in bringing back a second day, we are striving to have a balance between early, mid, and executive career level content. This means we will be looking for just as many sessions about fundraising fundamentals as we are about philosophy and more senior-level topics.  


Mutual Commitments


AFP Advancement Northwest expects presenters to:

  • Acknowledge that presenting at the Conference is an opportunity for knowledge sharing and not a showcase for the promotion of business, product, or service 
  • Include at least one client as a co-presenter, whom you have successfully partnered with in your presentation, if submitting an RFP on behalf of a consultancy
  • Provide a headshot and bio that includes the following information:
    • What tactic/template/skill an attendee will leave your session with 
    • What idea will an attendee leave your session thinking about 
  • Submit a final copy of your presentation by May 1 for review
  • Participate in a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access training webinar prior to the Conference
  • Participate in the conference on both days, engaging with attendees throughout both days in order to continue the learning beyond the session 


AFP Advancement Northwest commits to:

  • Providing all presenters with free registration to the Conference 
  • Compensating presenters — we will confirm rates by late February, and expect this to be in line with Seattle market rates 
  • Assisting in securing all audio-visual needs on behalf of presenters ahead of the session 
  • Provide timely feedback and evaluation after the Conference


Materials for Submission


Thank you for reading the above guidelines for the 2021 Conference. To submit your proposal, please have the following information available:

  1. Contact Information For Presenter and all co-presenters  
  2. Proposed Session Title 
  3. Summary of Session Concept (500 words or fewer)  
  4. Presentation Style (please consider dynamic techniques to engage adult learners)
  5. Explanation of how you intend to incorporate Community Centric Fundraising principles into your session (500 words or fewer) 
  6. Target Audience Experience Level 
  7. Deliverables that will be made available for attendees to take home 
  8. Size of Your Development Shop, Your Sector, and Team Demographics of presenters 


All proposals submitted before February 28, 2021 will be considered. 

Finalists will be notified within two business weeks. The full conference schedule will be published no later than March 15. 


Thank you!