Invest in Yourself and Your Career

As a member of Advancement Northwest, you are part of AFP Global, the largest professional association for individuals and organizations that raise philanthropic support across the globe. Members are part of a network of over 33,000 people raising money for a wide variety of missions locally, nationally, and internationally.

Individual Membership Types

Professional – $330 ($280 plus $50 chapter dues)

Open to individuals who hold some degree of responsibility directly for fundraising and are compensated for their position.

Young Professional (age 30 and younger) – $95 ($65 plus $30 chapter dues) 

Open for people who are 30 years old or younger, hold some degree of fundraising responsibility and are compensated for their position.

Retired – $125 ($75 plus $50 chapter dues)

Open for people who no longer practice as paid fundraisers but at the time they retired were active Professional members of AFP for the past five consecutive years.

Associate – $330 ($280 plus $50 chapter dues)

Open to people who are engaged in fields related to fundraising or fundraising support or have mutual interests with fundraising professionals. Individuals can be volunteers or professionals.

Global e-membership – $100 ($50 plus $50 chapter dues)

Open to people who live outside the US or Canada interested in electronic-only membership.

Organizational Membership Categories (may be purchased by organizations only)

Business Membership – Executive Circle ($5,000) or Endorser ($1,500)

Open to for-profit businesses involved with or supporting fundraising. Executive Circle Membership organizations can designate two employees to receive Associate Member benefits. Endorser Business Membership organizations can designate one employee to receive Associate Member benefits.

Nonprofit Organizational Membership (Large) – starting at $2,200 for first eight members (chapter dues included)

Open to nonprofit organization interested in having multiple members in the association. The organization designates a minimum of eight individuals to receive Professional Member benefits. Memberships can be transferred to another individual if the original member leaves the organization.

Nonprofit Organizational Membership (Small) – $175 ($120 plus chapter dues of $55)

Open to nonprofit organizations with operating budgets of less than $1,000,000, a fundraising department with one (or none) fundraising employee. The organization designates the individual to receive Professional member benefits. Membership can be transferred to another individual if the original member leaves the organization.

Other Membership Types

Strategic Alliance (web-only) – As a member of AFP, you can sign up to be a web-only member of AFP’s strategic alliance partners. Learn more.

Some of our members enjoy living and working in areas where there are two or more chapters providing services. If you are one of these individuals, consider joining more than one chapter. The great news is that you only have to pay the AFP International membership portion one time and then the designated chapter portion for any additional chapters you want to belong to. For example, if you are already a member of the South Sound WA Chapter, you will have paid a total of $300 ($250 for the AFP International portion and $50 for the South Sound Chapter portion). If you also wanted to then join Advancement Northwest, you would just have to pay an additional $50 (our annual chapter dues). If you a current member of Advancement Northwest, you can join another chapter and pay their chapter fee as well.

*If anyone is interested in starting a collegiate chapter at a university or college in Washington, contact the Advancement Northwest office for more information.

Please contact the AFP International office if you have questions about membership.