Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access


AFP Advancement Northwest is committed to building on the invaluable work of AFP Global in promoting diversity in our profession—recognized year after year through AFP’s IDEA Champion  designation.


At AFP Advancement Northwest, diversity encompasses race, ethnicity, gender, religion, physical ability, age, geography, sexual orientation, gender identity & expression, and income.

Recognizing the incredible importance of diversity in the nonprofits represented—from large and well-established institutions to small and emerging grassroots groups—the AFP Advancement Northwest Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access Committee lead the focus on:

  • Promoting values of anti-oppression, equity, and accessibility through every aspect of the organization—in the strategic planning process, board member training, program planning, outreach, and beyond
  • Creating systems and opening doors that give everyone the opportunity to participate and lead
  • Supporting longtime leaders so they can continue to serve as guiding voices
  • Lifting up new voices by offering career-enhancing leadership and network building opportunities, regardless of membership status and ability to pay
  • Becoming lifelong learners who turn new information into knowledge and action that advances our vision of cultural competency in our professional and personal lives

These focus areas guide the Association’s mentorship and scholarship programs, as well as the educational and professional development opportunities, and they constantly push us to better serve the nonprofit sector.

AFP Advancement Northwest commits to gathering feedback and input from community members in order to improve. In recognition of that the fact that equity work is a constantly-evolving process, the organization also promotes diversity and inclusion through actions such as:

  • Board Training: We realize that our board members serve and lead other organizations, so our goal is to ensure that our board receives ongoing training that helps us serve our members better and allows us to transfer those same skills to our respective workplaces and volunteer roles. Our board recently completed a year-long program on Cross Cultural Communications in 2016 facilitated by a leading Communications and Equity Facilitator.
  • Fundraisers on the Go: A pilot initiative developed in 2016 aimed at identifying barriers that marginalized and underrepresented groups commonly face when engaging with AFP Advancement Northwest and/or the fundraising profession more broadly.
    By partnering with local nonprofits that are experiencing such barriers, AFP Advancement Northwest seeks to gain critical feedback as well as offer tangible learning experiences for grassroots groups and small organizations desiring accessible development opportunities that are building fundraising capacity but have limited financial means necessary to access professional and organizational development opportunities.
  • Advancement NW Career Center: A new pricing structure with scaled rates to reduce the financial burden on smaller organizations when posting jobs to the nonprofit job board.
  • Accessibility: Increased access to participants living with different abilities—now available through a newly established Accessibility Fund—for resources including, but not limited to, interpretation services and utilization of ADA accessible spaces.
  • Scholarship: AFP Advancement Northwest allocates more resources to our scholarship program than any other AFP Chapter in the world. Last year, in an effort to better align our scholarship program with our strategic framework, the Association set aside a total of $10,000 to increase access for small and underrepresented groups, people of color, LGBTQ communities, and those living in rural/remote areas.
    Our commitment to allocate limited chapter resources to support accessibility through our scholarship program not only directly impacts our members and potential members, but also sends a strong message to the community that we understand that being a member has financial implications, and if resources aren’t available in your respective organizations, your local AFP Chapter can help.

Learn more about AFP International’s Commitment to Diversity.

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