Nominations for the 2023 Board of Directors are closed.

Fundraisers need a robust community of peers where we can learn together, share resources, and expand our ability to support our amazing organizations.

Being a board member allows you to develop your own leadership skills as well as furthering the goals of Advancement Northwest.

Advancement Northwest requires a strong Board of Directors that is:

  • Focused on centering the inclusion of our entire fundraising community and the communities they support
  • Committed to providing meaningful content and the space needed to lift our collective work
  • Motivated to think outside the box

Are you a strategic thinker? An event planner? Someone who is pushing your organization to build more equitable fundraising structures? Your fellow fundraisers need and appreciate all your talents and insights. Being a board member gives you a new area to develop your own leadership skills, as well as supporting your colleagues across the sector.

Nominate yourself or a worthy colleague. Professionals at all levels are encouraged to submit a nomination to serve. Membership is required for board service, but scholarships are available.

Join us to develop your leadership skills while we work together to further the goals of Advancement Northwest.

Nominations closed on Friday, November 4, 2022.