2023 Annual Conference

AFP Advancement Northwest Annual Conference

The Road to Resilience

June 13 -14, 2024 at Marion Oliver McCaw Hall


Invest in yourself and your career

This year’s Annual Conference: The Road to Resilience, will focus on equipping those working in the fundraising field with tangible strategies and tools for creating and sustaining individual and organizational resilience.  Learn about the top trends in fundraising, developing fundraising strategies, using AI to manage workload, and building strong teams. With an exhibit, interactive sessions, and keynotes from Amy Eisenstein, Erin Jones, and Elaine Chang, this conference has something for everyone. Network with your peers, meet vendors, and build your skills at this must-attended event for fundraisers in our region.

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Day 1 – Thursday, June 13


8:00 am – Registration and Exhibit Open

9:00 am – Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:05 am – Poem Reading

Rena Priest - The Forest for the Trees

Rena Priest - The Forest for the Trees

Rena Priest is an enrolled member of the Lhaq’temish (Lummi) Nation. She served a two-year term as Washington State’s 6th Poet Laureate (2021-2023). Her work has been recognized with awards and fellowships from the Allied Arts Foundation, Academy of American Poets, Indigenous Nations Poets, University of Washington Libraries, Nia Tero, and the Vadon Foundation. She is the author of three books and editor of two anthologies. She holds an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College.

9:10 am – Keynote Speaker

Amy Eisenstein - The Future of Fundraising: Top Trends Impacting Nonprofit Leaders, Today and Tomorrow

Amy Eisenstein - The Future of Fundraising: Top Trends Impacting Nonprofit Leaders, Today and Tomorrow

In this session, Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE will explore emerging research, strategies, and technologies that are revolutionizing fundraising efforts. You will gain valuable insights that will empower you to adapt, thrive, and elevate your organization’s impact in the ever-changing world of philanthropy. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and revolutionize your approach to fundraising for a brighter, more sustainable future..

Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE, is CEO and Co-Founder of Capital Campaign Pro, a support system for nonprofit leaders running campaigns. Her published books include Major Gift Fundraising for Small Shops and 50 A$ks in 50 Weeks. Amy became an AFP Distinguished Fellow in 2021 and an AFP Master Trainer in 2009. She served as the president of AFP-NJ in 2014 and 2015. Amy became a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) in 2004 and received the ACFRE, in 2013. She currently serves on the board of her local community foundation.


10:20 am – Break and Exhibit

10:50 am – Session One Workshops

Managing Up,Down, and Sideways: Leadership at Every Level

Ah, if only it was easy to develop the perfect working relationship with our co-workers, manager, and direct reports! Everyone would listen to each other’s ideas…and we could raise all the money and create the most resilient, nonprofit workplaces ever! Join us for an engaging, interactive session on the building blocks that make positive working relationships that enhance both fundraising and resiliency at our organizations. Have
ideas for how to improve your nonprofit’s culture and fundraising that your boss won’t take seriously? Want to advocate for change at your org but don’t know where to start? Walk away from this session with new steps to build your leadership skills no matter what level you are at in your career. Session leaders will share examples from their own experiences working together to center organizational values, equity, and inclusion.

Photo of Sarah Marino

Colleen Martinson, Director of Development & Communications, Ballard Food Bank

Photo of Scott Jackson

Ciara Kuldinow, Donor Relations Manager, Ballard Food Bank 

Jen Muzia, Executive Director, Ballard Food Bank and Co-Chair of the Seattle Human Service Coalition

Responsible AI in Fundraising

This presentation offers advancement professionals a solid foundation in responsible AI. It delves into practical strategies and real-world examples, equipping participants with the knowledge to implement AI thoughtfully. The session focuses on leveraging ChatGPT’s capabilities effectively, emphasizing the development of fair and accountable systems. Attendees will explore critical aspects such as data integrity,
privacy concerns, and the importance of human oversight in AI applications. By addressing these key areas, the workshop aims to foster trust and mitigate biases in AI-driven solutions. Attendees will learn ways to integrate AI in everyday tasks and leave with practical tips, real-world applications, and best practices.

Photo of Tanya Mote

Anne Murphy, CEO & Founder, Empowered Fundraiser

How to Raise Major Gifts for Small Shops

This session is for executive directors and development staff who want to raise significantly more money for their organizations by making the leap into major gift fundraising, but haven’t had the courage or know-how to get started. Most nonprofit professionals are not effectively soliciting major gifts for their organizations. If you want to start or grow your individual giving/major gifts program, this session is for you. Whether a major gift for your organization is $1,000 or $10,000, you will learn how to ask for and receive more major gifts this year.

Photo of Tanya Mote

Amy Eisenstein, CEO and Co-Founder of Capital Campaign Pro, ACFRE

12:05 pm – Lunch and Exhibit

Relax and refresh!  Join us for a delicious lunch and some connection time before heading down to the main lobby to chat with exhibitors, or meet us at the registration desk for some fresh air and 20-minute guided walk with colleagues.

1:05 pm – Session Two Panels

Real Relationship-Building for Racial Equity

In 2021, Bike Works redesigned their approach to sponsorship to incorporate racial and economic equity, inspired by Phuong Pham’s Community Centric Fundraising article, Six Reasons Why Tiered Event Sponsorship Needs to Go! In 2022, they took their new sponsorship model further when they launched the first Racial Equity Sponsor Cohort.

Join the creators and participants of the first and second Racial Equity Sponsor Cohorts in an open dialogue about why honest, vulnerable relationships are essential to our work. And why acknowledging and interrupting anti-Blackness is the first step towards building organizations and communities that support all of us in realizing our full humanity. This conversation will touch on the trust and fearlessness required for this work, implications for the organization’s budget, how it’s transformed relationships among board, staff, and funders, and how this project is evolving in its third year.

Photo of Rachel D'Souza-Siebert
Photo of Faybra Hemphill
Photo of Michael Woods
Photo of Michael Woods

Jess Green, Development Director, Bike Works

Ed Ewing, Executive Director, Bike Works

Martha Hurwitz, Owner, Martha Hurwitz Consulting

Edna Sadberry, Owner, Griffin Consulting

Photo of Rachel D'Souza-Siebert

Stefan Winkler, New Mobility Program Manager, Seattle Department of Transportation

Collective Resilience: Navigating the Shared Leadership Journey

This panel will explore the shared leadership model within the nonprofit sector with a live case study of the sustainability, resiliency, and expansive approach that co-leadership can bring to nonprofits today. Learn what shared leadership is, explore its principles and its relevance to the dynamic landscape of the nonprofit sector: how it addresses a multitude of priorities while mitigating the risk of burnout; the ways it balances community priorities and needs with resource allocation and self-care; and how it demonstrates and models collective power and collaboration. Join us for this insightful session tailored to leaders eager to explore how shared leadership can transform their teams, increase retention and create financial and organizational sustainability.

Photo of Sarah Marino

Anh Vo, Chief Culture Officer, Alford Group

Photo of Scott Jackson

Jamie Lee, Co-Executive Director, SCIDpda

Photo of Mercedes Luna

Jared Johnson, Co-Executive Director, SCIDpda

Photo of • Jamie Herlich McIalwain

Jaron Bernstein, Consultant, Alford Group

2:05 pm – Break and Exhibit

2:25 pm – Session Three Workshops

Coaching, Mentoring and Workplace Sponsorship through a DEI Lens

Come join us as we examine three areas of personal and professional growth for the development professional. In this workshop we will examine the differences between mentorship, sponsorship and coaching for your continued life-long growth and learning. With breakouts, group work and partner work, we will look at how to effectively grow your skills and leadership by utilizing and understanding these areas for continued growth especially looking at it through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We will ask questions like: “What does it look like?”, “What is the role of the mentor, sponsor or coach?”, and most importantly, “What can I do to be most effective as the mentee, sponsee or person being coached?” We will also learn about finding these individuals, making the ask for their assistance and building the relationship for success.

Photo of Erika Chen

Ken Miller, Denali Fundraising Consultants

Staying in the Room: Build personal resilience with embodiment skills for high-stakes communication

Have you ever practiced your pitch and then completely forgotten it when the time came to open your mouth? Or aced your introduction and then blanked out when someone asked you a surprising question? Adaptability and flexibility is key in building rapport and making it through tough moments. Learning about your own physiological responses will help you listen and respond in times of uncertainty and allow you to
adapt to new situations, like rapidly changing funding environments and related messaging demands. This interactive workshop includes an introduction to Integrative Alexander Technique, which allows you to access your natural coordination and build confidence—so that you can move, think, and communicate with ease and impact. We’ll then use the IAT skill to play with ways to approach new people, build rapport, and
ask great questions.

Photo of Erika Chen

Crispin Spaeth, Coach

3:40 pm – Break and Exhibit

4:00 pm – Session Four Panels

Count on Me: Building Donor Legacy and Organizational Sustainability through Endowments

Endowments have historically been considered the privilege of well-resourced institutions and deemed unrealistic for most nonprofits struggling year over year to fundraise increasing annual operating support. You also often find a correlation between the development of a planned giving program and the growth of a nonprofit’s endowment. We are at the beginning of the greatest wealth transfer in history, which offers nonprofits of all sizes an opportunity to enter into the planned giving and endowment space and support donors at all levels in creating a long-lasting legacy with the nonprofits they care about most. This session brings together a panel of fundraisers from small, medium, and large nonprofits in various roles, with Endowments between $100,000 and $500 million, and Community Foundation partners who support nonprofits in creating and managing endowments. No matter the size of your shop or your experience with planned giving, you will leave with resources you can put to work today and partners to facilitate your work.

Photo of Erika Chen

Sarah Szabo, CFRE, CSPG, CAP®, Planned Giving Officer, The Museum of Flight

Asa Tate, Executive Director, Planned Giving, Fred Hutchison Cancer Center

Rob Wiseman, CAP®, CFRE, Senior Director of Development, Seattle Symphony

Dean Carrell, CAP®, Foundation Director, Pierce County Library Foundation

Photo of Erika Chen

Doug Page CAP®, Senior Legacy Advisor, Greater Tacoma Community Foundation

Mary Rennekamp, Chief Philanthropy Officer, The Seattle Foundation

Going on Your Own: Liberating Stories of Becoming a Consultant

Ever think of busting out of 9-5 development work and becoming a consultant? Come learn from consultants who have built their nonprofit consulting and coaching businesses. This panel will share how they got the courage to make the leap, how they create boundaries with their time during their transition, how they build financial sustainability in their business, and how they continue to have meaningful impact in consulting and coaching roles. Each consultant will share their origin story of starting their own business, working a side hustle, and how they transitioned to full time. They will divulge details of brand building, services, products, advertising, and financial models. Also, they will share specifics of how to manage your public LinkedIn profile while working full-time and starting a business! Each will share their vulnerability of mistakes made, surprise successes, and what keeps them going.

This panel will also share valuable lessons in how to retain full-time staff, why managers should celebrate staff’s side hustles, how the Fractional Fundraiser movement is providing crucial support to small shops, and what a leadership coaching business entails. The conversation will be illuminating, inspiring, and entertaining as we demystify the roles that consultants and coaches play in the greater nonprofit ecosystem.

Photo of Erika Chen

Suman “Sumi” Bhat-Kincaid, Principal Consultant, Sakura LLC

Tess Conrad, CFRE, Founder & Principal Consultant, Full Potential Fundraising

Bridget Jackson, Principal, Next Step Communications

Kailey Morin, Communications Consultant, Kaily Morin Consulting

5:00 pm  – Closing Remarks

5:30 – 7:00 pm – Happy Hour Meet-up at Pineapple Bistro & Bar

Day 2 – Friday, June 14

8:00 am – Registration and Exhibit Open

9:00 am – Welcome and Keynote Speaker

Erin Jones - Bridges to Heal Us

Erin Jones - Bridges to Heal Us

Erin Jones will share her personal story and encourage participants to think about WHY they do WHAT they do WHERE they do it and why it is important to consider whose voices are not in the room as you are making your decisions. Participants will come away inspired but also with practical tools they can use to more effectively engage in their work. Come ready to consider the ways 2024 and all the events occurring locally, nationally and internationally are affecting both your work and how you and others are moving through the world.

Erin Jones has worked in and around schools in different capacities for over 30 years. She attended Bryn Mawr College, in a suburb of Philadelphia, where she earned a Bachelor of a Arts degree in Literatures of the African diaspora in English, French, and Spanish. She later earned her teaching certificate from Pacific Lutheran University and has worked and done consultation for non-profits, government agencies, and businesses. In addition to her consulting work, Erin has three TEDx Talks and a recently published a book, “Bridges to Heal US: Stories and Strategies for Racial Healing.” Erin has been recognized locally and nationally for her work in education and equity. 

10:15 am – Break and Exhibit

10:45 am – Session One Workshops

Clear is Kind: Breaking Patterns of Reactive Communication

Workplace cultures marked by rushed reactivity can feel all too common for fundraising professionals. When left unchecked, these behaviors lead to patterns of poor communication and unnecessary stress and conflict. In this interactive workshop, participants will explore the concept of “Clear is Kind”; a term coined by Brené Brown that drives home the importance of prioritizing clarity and compassion as means to foster proactive and effective communication. The session will support participants in learning how to have more clear, compassionate and proactive communication within and across teams. Using techniques from emotional intelligence, giving and receiving feedback, and conflict resolution, participants will learn practical strategies for identifying and interrupting reactive communication patterns and fostering a culture of transparency and effective dialogue. Through reflective exercises and peer-to-peer discussions, this session will help to encourage development professionals in establishing healthier relationships in the workplace.

Photo of Tanya Mote

Loretta Turner, Leadership Coach & Well-Being Strategist,
Do Good Leadership Collective

Let’s Build a Monthly Giving Strategy… “Beyond the Button”

Monthly giving is quickly becoming an essential fundraising strategy for nonprofits of any size, with recurring giving rates on the rise, improved giving technologies and younger donors eager for convenient and impactful ways to support their favorite cause. But monthly giving is more than just an option on your donor form. To make monthly giving truly work (and grow!) fundraisers need to go “beyond the button” on their donation form. A full monthly giving program incorporates the entire donor experience — from initial awareness and acquisition/first gift, through nurturing a relationship with supporters, and building an cohesive community of advocates for your cause. If that sounds like A LOT to consider, well… it is! This tactical workshop will explore why monthly giving is a sound fundraising strategy for most nonprofits (no matter the size). See what a “full” monthly giving program can look like on the front and back-end, and begin to build a solid strategy for monthly giving that will your team a clear path forward to make it happen. Participants will receive a plug-and-play Monthly Giving Strategy workbook to use both in the session and back at the office, walking away with the tools and confidence to build a community of monthly giving supporters for their organization.

Photo of Sarah Marino

Kim Peterson, Consultant, Cedar Fundraising

A Practitioners Guide to AI

The fundraising landscape is changing at an ever increasing pace. Keeping track of trends, opportunities, technology and an ever changing economic atmosphere can makes the idea of “new” concepts and approaches daunting. AI (artificial intelligence) is changing how we think about fundraising and more importantly how we implement technology in support of our organizations success. This session will explore the world of AI and how it can be applied to our fundraising programs with the intent to make our jobs more effective. AI affords us to do more, with less, but getting over the learning curve can be daunting, we explore that that looks like and how it can benefit our shops versus create more work. The world of AI can help us be successful, let’s look at it together through the practical of an every day fundraiser who is on
the ground doing the work.

Photo of Sarah Marino

Troy Coalman, Senior Director of Donor Impact at Wellspring Family Services

12:00 pm – Lunch and Exhibit

Relax and refresh!  Join us for a delicious lunch and some connection time before heading down to the main lobby to chat with exhibitors, or meet us in the second tier Neukom Lobby after lunch for a 20-minute chair yoga session.

1:00 pm – Session Two Panels

Thrive (While Producing Your Annual Fundraising Event)!

Is your big annual event one of the most stressful and exhausting parts of your year?  Is your event a barrier to joy, belonging and connection in your workplace? Don’t just grit your teeth and get through it; you can make it better! This session, co-hosted by El Centro de la Raza and Synchronicity Events, is your chance to explore this topic and relate it to your own experience. You will leave with a road map and strategies for a new approach. You’ll be inspired by the event team from Seattle’s El Centro de la Raza, who welcome 600 guests annually to their Beloved Community Gala. Learn how El Centro has structured a work plan that supports the development team, while bringing staff, board, donors, partners and community together in inspiring ways. Leaning into lessons from Community Centric Fundraising, we’ll explore how you can engage all the elements of your community to build power and give you strength in your event work. We’ll discuss how to build an event planning timeline to navigate gracefully through the months, weeks, and days leading up to (and also right after!) your event. A one-page handout will serve as a reminder and a worksheet to use as you build a team chart and timeline for their own event project. Through thoughtful management of the team and the process, you’ll find your way towards minimizing burnout, building healthier event-work habits, cultivating a less-toxic culture around your event, and thriving in a more resilient workplace.

Photo of Sarah Marino

Alex Martin, Owner & Event Strategy Lead at Synchronicity Events

Photo of Scott Jackson

Ashley Haugen, Development Director, El Centro de la Raza

Anica Enriquez, Special Events & Stewardship Manager, El Centro de la Raza

Radical Shift in Leadership: from Type A and Burnt Out to Strategic and Balanced

When you think of a development professional, what image comes to mind? Writing donor emails on a Saturday, rushing from meeting to meeting, and way too many unused PTO hours? Outdated tropes of leadership are resulting in epic levels of attrition amongst development professionals and leaving behind a trail of burnt out staff and high turnover. But what if we reimagined leadership to make space for wellbeing, rest, and thoughtful reflection—especially for those who carry the weight of helping to secure an organization’s critical resources? This panel will share radical approaches to leadership development that cares for the whole person (mental/emotional/embodied wellness) because when you Feel Well you Lead Well. Participants will gain actionable tips to combat burnout and protect their wellbeing at work while also learning how to shift outdated mindsets and self advocate for the full human experience at work. They will learn about new models of leadership that foster a culture of health in the workplace. In addition, they will learn about how to communicate across teams, set boundaries, incorporate rest into our ideas of productivity, and understand the warning signs our body sends us about stress. Participants will gain both inner knowledge of self-regulation as well as external tactics for more effective collaboration. Together, we will emerge with new ideas of how to show up as a successful development professional—a novel vision that centers peace and wellbeing alongside traditional metrics of success.

Photo of Rachel D'Souza-Siebert
Photo of Faybra Hemphill
Photo of Michael Woods
Anne Rasmussen, System Vice President and Chief Development Officer, PeaceHealth

Sonya Perez-Lauterbach, Founder and Creator of Leadership Atlas

Loretta Turner, MA, CNP, ACC, Founder and President, Do Good Leadership Collective

2:00 pm – Break and Exhibit

2:30 pm – Closing Keynote

Elaine Chang - Mastering  Messiness in the Age of AI

Elaine Chang - Mastering Messiness in the Age of AI

The road to resilience is paved with both challenges and opportunities. Today, with AI, nonprofits have the potential to transform nearly every aspect of work from small tasks to large scale program impact. This closing keynote will offer you a surge of inspirAItion with examples of AI’s application in the nonprofit sector, and practical insights to empower you to lead change and harness the potential of AI.

Elaine is a technologist, storyteller, and strategist with expertise in AI and innovation serving as a technical advisor for the Microsoft Chief Communications Officer. With 18+ years of experience managing global teams and products, she is a creator and visionary with well-rounded expertise in engineering, communications, business strategy, and international experiences from US, Canada, UK and China. Elaine is passionate about empowering individuals and organizations to achieve more through technology innovation and storytelling, as well as driving business innovation and organizational success through building a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging. Elaine shares career and leadership insights to thrive at work and life via her LinkedIn newsletter “Master of Messiness”.

3:45 pm – Conference Closing Remarks

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