I was a board member for a small nonprofit when I was first exposed to the fundraiser community in Seattle. As I transitioned from that board role, to a fundraiser myself, it was that community that gave me so much by sharing experiences, lessons learned, and challenges that I might anticipate. There were coffees, phone calls, drinks, and even editing and reviews of some of my first mass solicitation campaigns. Years later, when I experienced perhaps the biggest challenge of my career, it was others in this community who helped pick me up, dust me off, and even shine a bright light on all the things that I brought to the table. This community has done incredible things for me.

So when folks asked me about joining the AFP Advancement Northwest Board, I naturally told them, “No.” It wasn’t a great time to join a board but it was still hard to say. Years later when they asked again, the answer was an enthusiastic, “Yes!” I was and am still so excited to be part of a group that is working to give others the same supportive environment that I had when I was starting my career. And the truth is, I still lean on fellow fundraisers for questions and challenges I’m facing. If you are enthusiastic about creating a community like I am, I hope you’ll consider applying for the AFP Advancement Northwest Board. Self nominations are welcome – join us!

– Javier Womeldorff, Co-President