Photo of Anh Vo

Anh Vo, Chief Culture Officer, Alford Group

Anh Vo is driven by the belief that by helping others succeed, we all succeed. In her work with organizations, she has provided leadership development, change leadership, and strategic planning and implementation. She has a systemic approach and is highly adept at creating environments of collaboration and accountability. She has worked extensively in advancing racial dialogues and practice of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. She has encountered an expressed deep need from every level of the organizations she has partnered with for safety and belonging, where agreed sets of behaviors enable employees to work effectively in cross-cultural and multicultural environments.  

Prior to joining Alford Group, Anh worked in the software industry as a global turn-around manager in Europe, Asia and North America.  Her focus was to transform groups of individuals from diverse, multicultural backgrounds into teams of dedicated, high performing changemakers moving forward a common goal.