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Whether you are a seasoned road dog or a fresh pup on the advancement scene, AFP Northwest’s 2023 Annual Conference “The Fundraiser’s Toolkit” seeks to provide tangible, practical tools for professionals of all career stages.

AFP Advancement Northwest is one of the largest Association of Fundraising Professionals chapters. Our members create communities that are models of philanthropic impact. Advancement Northwest expands the skills of these development professionals and elevates our profession.

After being in Seattle a little less than 16 months; I definitely feel that I’ve built a community here (especially in the non-profit space). A big part of that has been by joining AFPNW. Last year I attended AFPNW’s conference and it was a great way to network, meet like-minded individuals, and learn from industry experts

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The Annual Conference is a core way in which Advancement Northwest builds leaders who transform communities locally and across the world through fundraising. This two-day in-person conference on June 15 & 16 is the Pacific Northwest’s most intensive and comprehensive training event for nonprofit fundraisers.