AFP Advancement Northwest 2023 Annual Conference
Request For Proposals

Thank you for your interest in presenting at the 2023 Annual Conference:
The Fundraiser’s Tool Kit,” on June 15 & 16, 2023, in the Marion Oliver McCaw Hall at Seattle Center.

Keynotes will feature Karen E. Osborne speaking on Strategic Thinking,
and Nathan Chappell and Brian Crimmins addressing the changing nature of generosity from their book The Generosity Crisis.

Submissions for proposals have closed.

About AFP Advancement Northwest and the Conference

AFP Advancement Northwest is one of the largest Association of Fundraising Professionals chapters. Our members create communities that are models of philanthropic impact. Advancement Northwest expands the skills of these development professionals and elevates our profession.

The Annual Conference is a core way in which Advancement Northwest builds leaders who transform communities locally and across the world through fundraising. This two-day in-person conference is the Pacific Northwest’s most intensive and comprehensive training event for nonprofit fundraisers.

Conference Curriculum

AFP Advancement Northwest believes that conference sessions must speak to early, mid-, and executive-career professionals across development teams of all sizes and scopes in order to be relevant and useful. Through the conference programming, Advancement Northwest aims to empower the leader within each individual.

The 2023 Annual Conference will include morning keynote presentation as well as morning and afternoon sessions on both days. All presentations will be in-person at the venue.

Evaluation Criteria

Supports Conference Theme: “The Fundraiser’s Tool Kit”

Submissions must focus on tangible strategies and tools for those working in the fundraising field.

Examples include:

  • staff recruiting, onboarding, retention, and attracting BIPOC staff
  • handouts for building planned giving and major gift program
  • strategies for engaging lapsed donor
  • templates featuring new trends and metrics for annual reporting
  • interactive workshops on communication skills like negotiating and resolving conflict

We’re excited to equip nonprofit and fundraising professionals with practical learnings at this year’s conference. Each session will go beyond theories or case studies. It will include tangible strategies and/or tools that attendees can use to level up their philanthropic impact, such as templates, worksheets, examples, and/or specific tools.

We are committed to providing as interactive and engaging a conference as possible. We are looking for sessions that will provide current, actionable information and engage participants.

Advancement Northwest strives to reflect the community of Western Washington and elevate the voices of fundraisers of color. Preference will be given to proposals that include BIPOC representation.

The 2023 Conference will provide early, mid-, and executive-career-level content. This means we will be looking for sessions about fundraising fundamentals as well as more senior-level topics. Each RFP should explicitly state the proposed session’s target audience.

Mutual Commitments

AFP Advancement Northwest expects presenters to:

Acknowledge that presenting at the conference is an opportunity for knowledge sharing and not a showcase for the promotion of business, product, or service.

Include at least one client as a co-presenter, whom you have successfully partnered with, if submitting an RFP on behalf of a consultancy. Preference will be given to proposals that include BIPOC representation.

Review DEIA presentation materials included in your presenter welcome packet.

Meet deadlines for submitting conference materials listed below:

  • Provide a high-resolution headshot, short bio, title, and organization for all presenters
  • Session title, abstract, and learning objectives

Presentation slides and digital support material

Try to participate in both days of the conference, engaging with attendees to continue learning beyond the session.

Agree to session recording to increase content accessibility and for future use by AFP Advancement Northwest for up to three years.

AFP Advancement Northwest commits to:

  • Providing all presenters with a free conference registration and reception ticket.
  • An honorarium of $500 will be given to the lead organizer for each session to compensate their team for time spent preparing materials.
  • Assisting in securing all audio-visual needs on behalf of presenters ahead of the session.

Submission Materials

Thank you for reading the above guidelines for the 2023 Conference. Sixty minutes will be allocated for lectures and panels. Ninety minutes will be allocated for interactive workshops.

Please include the following information in your proposal.

  • Contact information for presenter(s)
  • Short biography and high resolution headshot for presenter(s)
  • Session title
  • Session abstract (500 words or fewer)
  • Session learning objectives and expected audience take-a-ways
  • Presentation style (lecture, panel, interactive workshop)
  • Description of how you intend to incorporate the conference theme, “The Fundraisers Tool Kit,” into your session (500 words or fewer)
  • Target audience
  • Presenter demographics

Priority consideration given to proposals submitted by March 6. Finalists will be notified within two business weeks.

Thank you!