A photo of B Michelle Johnson, AFP Advancement Northwest Co-President-Elect

AFP Advancement Northwest is recruiting new board members and we would love for you to join us!

This is a very exciting time for Advancement Northwest and for the fundraising community as a whole. The historic and global events of the past few years have illuminated many issues in our sector and to that end, we’re out to tackle some of these issues as an organization and a sector.

By joining the board, you will join us in:

  • Dismantling systemic racism in our fundraising profession by intentionally creating inclusive learning and community-building spaces that center the experience of fundraisers of color.
  • Breaking down historical barriers to entry to our AFP community by thinking creatively about our business model and lowering costs for our programs.
  • Working diligently to lift up BIPOC voices in our programs and focus on timely, relevant, and accessible content.
  • Engaging in race and equity training throughout the year to ensure we as a leadership group are working together in our own equity journeys.

If you’re excited about this direction, excited to roll up your sleeves and contribute (we are a working board!), and interested in thinking outside of the box to best support our fundraising community, please sign up!

You may be thinking, Woah! That sounds like a lot of work. It certainly can be and the benefits to joining this board are many! Including:

  • You will be part of an incredible community of passionate fundraisers who care about the communities they’re serving and the profession.
  • You will help shape the conversations and influence the sector in our region.
  • There will be many opportunities to stay up to date on best practices in fundraising.
  • Serving on the board is great for your professional development (and also counts towards your volunteer hours if you’re applying for/have your CFRE.)
  • There are incredible networking opportunities with fellow fundraisers, funders, vendors, and other community partners.
  • And you’ll get to make new friends!

If you have questions about being a board member or would like to dive in a little deeper, please feel free to reach out to me at Michelle@UltimateRainbow.com. I’d be happy to talk to you about this experience.