Advancement Northwest is proud to announce that B. Michelle Johnson and Javier Womeldorff have been named co-Presidents-Elect for the remainder of 2022.

Michelle and Javier will assume the role of co-Presidents of AFP Advancement Northwest in January 2023.

“Javier and I are excited to lead as co-leaders with this fantastic Board of Directors,” Michelle said. “We’ve all learned some things during the pandemic and one of them is that this work doesn’t need to be this hard. As a volunteer-led organization, we can approach our work as a team, sharing burdens and joys, responsibilities, and decision-making.

“Shared leadership isn’t new. Many nonprofits are organized like this and many more are trying it. Hierarchical, power-consolidating practices don’t have to be how we do things. With almost 10 years of volunteerism with AdvNW, I have seen this organization change and evolve and we’re thrilled to take it to the next level!”

Photo of B Michelle Johnson

Michelle is the director of Ultimate Rainbow Consulting, a consultancy specializing in fundraising planning, management, and leadership. Prior to this venture, she spent 20+ years as a fundraiser advocating for women’s and LGBTQ+ rights, working for the environment and healthcare at organizations such as Cascade Bicycle Club, Legal Voice, Planned Parenthood, and the Free Clinic of Greater Cleveland.

Michelle previously served for five years on the Advancement Northwest Board, where she held a variety of roles, including twice co-chairing the Conference Committee. She’s a Certified Fundraising Executive and has been teaching in the UW Nonprofit Management Certificate program for nine years.

Photo of Javier Womeldorff

Javier is the Director of Development at Bellevue College. He previously served in various nonprofit and public positions including teaching, human resources, administration, and now fundraising primarily in education. He’s been in development the past seven years, starting as a one-person shop before moving into major gifts.

Equity and identity are important to Javier, and he’s led/facilitated various workshops. His interests include making the work of development more equitable, and he’s co-led policy work and workshops on race, and harassment.

Javier is a current Board member and is a former Advancement Northwest mentee, learning under the Holy Unicorn, Michelle Johnson. Now he’s a mentor trying not to disillusion fundraisers about troublesome funders, events, and the Seahawks.

Thank you, Michelle and Javier, for sharing your time and leadership with Advancement Northwest!