Advancement Northwest members are encouraged to consider serving your professional community as the 2022 President-Elect of the association.

The President-Elect works with the President and the Board of Directors to further the association’s mission and participate in committees and activities which bring the organization’s values to our membership and the fundraising community.

While the President-Elect position has primarily been held by a single member, having two co-President-Elects is an option. If the possibility of becoming a co-President-Elect is of interest to you, please let us know.

Being a member of the Board will help you to develop your leadership skills and advance your profession. The Advancement Northwest Board:

  • Focuses on centering the inclusion of our entire fundraising community and the communities they support;
  • Is committed to providing meaningful content and the space needed to lift our collective work; and
  • Is motivated to think outside the box.

The President-Elect is the beginning of a three-year commitment which includes serving as President in 2023 and as Past President in 2024. The President-Elect position requires a commitment of approximately two hours per week.

To find out more, please review the 2022 Board Prospectus (pdf) and the President-Elect job description (pdf).

If you are interested in applying or finding out more, please complete the interest form.

Thank you for your involvement in your professional association.