Photo of Javier Womeldorff

Javier Womeldorff, Associate Vice President of Major and Planned Giving, The Evergreen State College

Javier is the Associate Vice President of Major and Planned Giving at The Evergreen State College. He previously served in various nonprofit and public positions including teaching, human resources, administration, and now fundraising primarily in education. He’s been in development the past nine years, starting as a one-person shop before moving into major and planned gifts.

Equity and identity are important to Javier, and he’s led/facilitated various workshops. His interests include making the work of development more equitable, and he’s co-led policy work and workshops on race, and harassment.

Javier is a current Board member and is a former Advancement Northwest mentee, learning under the Holy Unicorn, Michelle Johnson. Now he’s a mentor trying not to disillusion fundraisers about troublesome funders, events, and the Seahawks.

Javier holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Western Washington University and a master’s degree in International Relations from University of Denver.