The virtual conference will be hosted in Remo, an interactive online space! You’ll have the opportunity to connect face-to-face with other attendees, like in real life. You can customize your profile with as much personal information as you’d like, including your LinkedIn and Calendly.

When you enter the event, you’ll join a “table” of 6 using your camera and microphone to chat. During networking time and designated breaks, you can hop from table to table to find friends and colleagues. You’ll have the opportunity to join tables for by interest (“Cats, Cats, Cats” anyone?), discussion topics, and more to foster connection. We’ll also have space for quiet tables, in case you have kids at home or your dog hasn’t seemed to grasp the “don’t bark during video calls” concept just yet.

There is also a Chat feature for conversations 1:1, by table, and for the whole conference. Plus, add and upvote questions in the Q&A feature to have them answered live.